Floor plans

Make all the difference 

Floor plans are an important element in marketing a property especially at the present time, giving the potential purchase or renter a perspective of size and layout which photographs alone can’t achieve, helping to see how ones lifestyle and family could fit into a particular property. It is also well known in the industry that properties without floor plans are less likely to be considered.

If an EPC certificate is required its worth having a floor plan done at the same time saving on cost but can be provided separately too. Another factor to consider, floor plans provided by an agent are usually for their use only so can’t be taken to another agent if you decided to change.  

Floor plans are versatile,  produced in three formats PDF, JPEG and PNG with different colour options and  include as much or as little information required, sizes in imperial, metric or both with customised rooms named etc and if amendments are needed no problem.

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Black & White

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By Room Type

Multi – coloured

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When Marketing a property

Available in different styles

How much does it cost

Floor plans cost less when undertaken at the same time as a EPC assessment but can also be provided separately